About the Book

Coming Out Poly charts a new course. Unlike past books on the subject of polyamory, which have gingerly traced the emergence of polyamorous identities, practices, and codes of behavior, Coming Out Poly takes the conversation one step further in recognition of the reality that the poly community is an increasingly visible sexual and social minority. Over the past decade this community has begun to chart its own path, and Coming Out Poly sizes up the major issues faced by polyamorous people today. We will discuss and share stories about coming out to family, friends, professional contacts and the wider community. There is serious attention to the negative effects of remaining closeted as well as the discrimination that poly people are vulnerable to. Coming Out Poly begins from the starting point that polyamorous relationship can be healthy and rewarding.

In order to give an accurate depiction of what coming out as poly is like in our community today we are soliciting input and stories from the poly community. We are hoping to get stories around a wide variety of issues and covering people from a variety of diverse economic, religious and cultural backgrounds. Currently there are few resources for people who are trying to navigate the process of coming out safely as polyamorous and we hope that this book can fill this gap.